Why swim “The Rip”?

There are more people who have swum the English Channel than “The Rip”. Swimming “The Rip” will make you feel alive. This is no ordinary open-water swim. With fast and unpredictable tides, a shipping lane to cross and abundant sea life, crossing this notorious stretch at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, gives you bragging rights to an elite swimming club. It is a thrill, plain and simple. And, it is completely within reach for most competent swimmers. Sounds great so book me in! Hear what our previous state premier Ted Baillieu has to say about it – Listen here!

3 Steps to swim “The Rip”!

  1. Train to swim 4km at a steady pace (actual distance is 3.2 but tides and currents make it feel longer)
  2. Form your own group of up to 10 swimmers OR Find swimmers here
  3. Book your date to swim (Bookings open on August 1 – Click here) 

All Rip swims are done as part of a group. You will need to do at least 1 training swim with your group prior to the day. It is essential that you are fit and well acclimatised to swim “the Rip” but with a focussed training regime anyone can do it. 

A little more about “The Rip”

“The Rip” lies at the entrance to Port Phillip, Melbourne, Australia. Due to strong tides and unpredictable weather it is one of the most notorious stretches of water anywhere in the world. Thanks to a new project launched in 2014, it can now be swum in groups in a safe manner with the full support of the authorities. The swim is approximately 3.2km and has the added thrill of crossing a shipping lane! See the film here.

Safe passage with us

When you book a Rip Swim with us, you are ensured of a safe passage across the most dangerous stretch of water in Australia. Do not attempt to do this by yourself or with any other group. We are the only group working closely with the Port of Melbourne Authority to manage shipping and keep you safe. Our track record is unblemished and we use only surveyed boats and highly trained skippers. We have a world-class risk and safety management plan in place.

Safety – the only endorsed agency

This is a dangerous swim and your safety is our paramount concern. All swimmers must follow our instructions at all times. Our boat/s will carry essential safety rescue equipment and a doctor (with Defibrillator unit) that will be used if necessary. Further safety instructions will be issued to you when you book your swim. We work with the best skippers who drive the best boats. All our boats are surveyed (licensed as commercial operators by Transport Safety Victoria). Our knowledge of the area is exemplary and our understanding of getting swimmers across ‘tricky’ bodies of water is world-class. All our personnel are thoroughly briefed in our methods and we leave nothing to chance. Our jet ski and RHIB craft are extremely safe to pick you up from the water should an emergency arise.

Project summary

To date, 167 swimmers have enjoyed the thrill of The Rip and under our guidance have swum from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale. Times have ranged from 1 hour 10 minutes up to 3 hours, but the average time is around 1 hour and 25 minutes. Our race in April 2015 was a great thrill for 38 elite swimmers who took part in the inaugural race – watch the film here!

Ripped from the Media

Rips, Ships and Sharks

The Rip Race received a write up in the Geelong Advertiser promoting our upcoming swim. For the full article by Jamie First visit the link below.   Full... read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Team swim

The swim across “The Rip” is a great team bonding experience. You will need to choose your group carefully according to speed as you must remain together throughout the swim. As you can see below, it is a memorable experience and one you will cherish forever.

How do I register to swim?
Bookings for the 2016/17 Season open on August 1st.  If you have a group or are confident of forming a group you will be able to choose your date (5 dates) and book in. CLICK HERE ON AUG 1 after 9am. If you are an individual you may register, give us your preferred date and we will do our best to put you in touch with a group. It will be up to you to follow up with the group and make sure they are at the right swimming speed. You can also find swimmers on the Facebook page here or email us at
What will you do to ensure safety?
Your safety is our primary concern. We have worked hard to eliminate any possibility of harm coming to you. Each swimming group will have their own dedicated boat or Jet Ski and kayaker. With the best skippers, boats and risk management experts, we seek to mitigate any situation that may affect you before, during and after the race. We ask that you do your utmost to prepare yourselves physically for the challenge by following our training advice and letting us know if you have any medical concerns of relevance before the swim.
How much does a group swim cost?
  Cost per swimmer:  $495 All swimmers will need to swim together as of a group of up to 10. The entry price includes:


  • World-class safety escort
  • Commemorative Ripper T-Shirt
  • Rip Swim Survivor certificate
  • Unique Rip Swimmer number
  • Name and Rip Swim number on the honour board
What if I can't find other swimmers to do swim with?
It is important that you swim with swimmers of a similar speed. If you do not know enough other swimmers, try our Facebook group – join here. Alternatively come to one of our training sessions that will commence in September. Make sure you are on our mailing list to here about the whereabouts of the training sessions. Subscribe here.
What happens if you cancel due to bad weather?

We aim to notify all swimmers about a trip cancelation by 5pm the day before the scheduled swim. There is a slim possibility that a trip could be cancelled when swimmers are already at the Harbour but this has not happened yet. In the first instance, we shall offer you another date, if your trip is cancelled. You also have the option to purchase insurance ($30) so if you are not able to swim on the alternative date we shall refund you up to 75% of your entry fee or give you a 100% credit for the next season.

Can I purchase event insurance?

Yes. The cost is $30. If you are not able to swim on the alternative date we suggest, we shall refund you up to 75% of your entry fee or give you a 100% credit for the next season.